26 September 2007


I TRIPLE LOVE DIRTY SEXY MONEY! It is my favorite new television show of the fall season. Did anyone watch it? If so, what do you think? If not, please watch it next Wednesday @ 9 pm! It is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!

IT'S FALL!!!!!

Fall is here! I can't wait for the weather to start changing. I'm longing for cooler temperatures. There is something about a great jacket or a comfy sweater that makes me happy. I guess it is that snugly feeling that I get from them. Oh how I relish it!
Today I watched The Tyra Banks Show. The topic was "The 15 must have fashion items for the Fall." I am not sure if I MUST have all 15, but a couple wouldn't hurt.
Here is the must have list:

15. Black fingernails with the white French tip
14. Nature inspired jewelry
13. White, leather handbag
12. Elbow length, brightly colored gloves
11. Floaty blouse
10. Sexy romper lingerie
9. Snood hat- 40's style
8. Belted coat
7. Pencil skirt with a higher waist
6. High waisted pants with a wide leg
5. Heels with a stacked wooden heel and round toe
4. Sweater dress
3. Leather cuff bracelet
2. Brightly colored fitted jeans

And the number 1 must have item:

1. Ankle Booties- worn with skirts or dresses and opaque tights only!!!

READY? SET? SHOP!!!!!!!!!

23 September 2007

Catching Up!

Hello all! It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I have intended to blog several times, but never got around to it.
Lets see, whats been happening? Well, I have been going to physical therapy for the last two and a half weeks. Some days I leave in pain, but for the most part it is not so bad. Everyone there is really sweet and very encouraging. I am still in a walking cast and hope to get it removed on Wednesday. The thought of putting on a shoe after two months seems like a dream. The physical therapist said I will have to go up a size in order for me to be able to wear a shoe. I still have a lot of swelling and no sign of an ankle. I guess it is a wait and see situation.
The girls and I finally had a night out together. We went to a great sushi place and had a really wonderful time. We decided to do this again on the third Tuesday of every month. We will pick a different restaurant each time. In October we will be having Mexican food at my friend C's favorite place. I get to choose where we eat in November. I can't wait!
So, what about Big Brother 8? It makes me sick that the Donatos walked away with all of the money! Evel Dick is the most vile person on earth. To think America rewarded that behavior. I hope we never see or hear from him again. CBS, please do not cast him and his immature daughter on The Amazing Race! It is bad enough that Will and Boogie will be on it in the Spring. I hope the Donato's 15 minutes of fame is up! I don't think I can take much more.

11 September 2007

BB8 Final 3

Well, it's almost midnight and I am up watching who will win the first round of the HoH competition on Big Brother 8. Daniele just fell of of her "carrot" and I am super excited. I would triple love it if Zack ends up in the final two and one of the Donato's went packing. Dick has been yelling the most obscene things to Zack for the last hour and a half. I would be so embarrassed if Dick were my father. What kind of 44 year old father behaves that way? Yet, Dani sits there giggling like a thirteen year old little girl. She should have pulled him aside long ago to talk to him about his behavior. But, of course, his behavior has gotten her this far in the game. I guess some people have no self respect. There are limits to what I would do or endure for half a million dollars. The game has been played so crazy this year. I cannot believe the producers allowed such horrible behavior. I hope next year it is better than this. Oh, and please, NO MORE LAME TWISTS!

05 September 2007


It's time for physical therapy! I am super nervous about this. I will be going 4 times a week for the next 3 weeks. That sounds like a lot, huh? Everyone is telling me I will be in so much pain. I am not looking forward to this. Pain and I don't mesh well. My husband told me I can't yell at the physical therapist and I can't refuse to do the work. I don't know how I will survive! Maybe my husband should give me some sort of incentive. You know, if at the end of 3 weeks I'm alive and I didn't cuss anyone out, I get a Chanel bag. Ugh! This sucks! I hope it is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I want to get better. I just hope it's not 3 weeks of agony to do so.