31 March 2007


The black cloud hanging over my head is getting bigger and hanging lower. My grandfather suddenly passed away on Monday. It is amazing how someone you love so greatly can be in your life one second and gone the next. There are no words to express my heartache. I am numb.

16 March 2007

One day at a time!

The twists and turns of life will keep you on your toes. After this week, I should be the star of Swan Lake. When you get married your family doubles. So do the problems! J and I are getting hit from both sides. My brother, his sister, my grandfather, his job. It's an endless list. We need some stress relief and some good news!

05 March 2007

Trend 2007** (updated)

red lips
red peep-toe heels
Metallic handbags and shoes
empire waist tops and dresses
higher waist jeans with a wider leg (no more skinny jeans!)
sleek, simple hair
flirty skirts and dresses (no shorts for women over 30!)
dark nail polish
carbs (yes, it's okay!)
British Pop songs
navy blue
pink cowboy boots* (Princess V wears them with everything)