05 July 2008

Tabbby's Home!

Well, it looks like the damage to Tabby's kidneys is very extensive. Her second test results showed that her levels did come down, but they are not in the normal range. The vet let her come home on Thursday afternoon and we are very happy about that. Now, its been a task of getting her to eat and take her medicine. I am not very good at getting a cat to take a pill. The first night Tabby kept spitting it out. We tried crushing it into her food, but she sniffed it out right away. Yesterday, J managed to get the pill down her throat on the third try. Needless to say, Tabby was not very happy about it. We are also trying to get her to eat a special kind of food that is supposed to help the healthy tissue of her kidneys. It stinks to high heaven and she only eats a little of it. We are giving her some seafood as well so she can at least be eating something! Her weight loss is crazy. I can feel her bones when I pet her. It's so sad. The vet said we are not at the point yet where I have to decide to "put her down", but it's all I'm thinking about. I can't imagine having to make that decision. On Thursday, July 10, Tabby will get some more test done to see where we stand. I pray that her levels are not escalating. So, in the mean time I am spending as much time as I can making sure she is comfortable and is getting enough to eat and drink. I know we have a hard road ahead of us. I just hope we have a happy ending.

01 July 2008

Tabby Update

Yesterday the vet called with Tabitha's test results. She is suffering from kidney failure. I had to bring her in asap to be admitted for treatment. They are giving her antibiotics and I.V. fluids to flush out her system. When I visited her today she looked so sad in her little cage. She has a brace on her front leg to keep the I.V. in and it prevents her from walking. It broke my heart to see her that way. However, I did get some encouraging news. They seem to think that Tabby is making some improvements. Her eyes are clearing up and she is urinating regularly, but we wont know the extent of it until they compare last weeks test to this weeks one. Hopefully, the vet was aggressive enough with his treatment so that Tabby will be okay and can come home soon. We miss her so much!