19 April 2010

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06 April 2010

Freebee 5

Lainey from LanieyGossip.com has her version of this. It's a list of the 5 celebrities you could "be with", if you ever got the chance, and it wouldn't be considered cheating. You know, your fantasy one night stand. Now, part of the Freebee 5 is that this has to be a hit and run. No relationship. No strings. Easy enough, right? Wrong! It's hard. Very hard. My 5 change every hour, on the hour. I could never be like Ross from Friends. He laminated his Freebee 5 only to have Isabella Rossellini walk into Central Perk. Unfortunately, she didn't make his final list and that made her off limits.
So, let's see who would make my Freebee 5 list right now. Definitely Herny Cavill. He is my new obsession. Then there's Alexander Skarsgard and Jon Hamm. As for the final 2, I'm having trouble narrowing it down. Maybe Mark Salling. And David Beckham (if he keeps his mouth shut). I don't know! Ugh, it's so hard! If you don't believe me, you should try it. Who would your Freebee 5 be?

05 April 2010

Happy, Happy!!

It's the last day of my mini-holiday and I'm not ready to go back to work. It's been a great last couple of days even though I didn't do much. J and I spent some time walking around in New Orleans, just taking the in sights and sounds of the city. I miss living there. I think we will eventually move back. We also spent some time with our Godchildren and that's always fun. We are up to 5 Godchildren. 5!! I wish we could see them more, but time and distance doesn't always allow it. Today we are bringing the Prince and Princess bowling. It's boys against the girls. Team Spiderman vs Team Hello Kitty. It should be an adventure. Prince J said the winner will get a trophy. I said the winner will get a hug. He wasn't happy with my suggestion. We will see what will happen.
On another note, J starts his "new" job tomorrow. Yay!! We are very excited about that. He will be home before 4:30 everyday. That beats getting home at 7:30, huh? I'm happy because now I will have a little help in the cooking department. He can start dinner while I'm at work. I like that idea. A lot! So, help me send good vibes to my hubby. I want him to be happy and successful in his new venture.