25 December 2006

MeRrY cHrIsTmAs

The presents are exchanged and the brownies are baked. Now it's time to see the family and celebrate. Wishing everyone has a wonderful Christmas day. Hugs and kisses to all. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

22 December 2006


Today I went to a fantastic new boutique called Rush. Love it! Finally a place to buy clothes that doesn't cater to anorexic 18 year olds! This place is hip and in the moment. I really hope it takes off. Rush is the House of Fashion for my generation. And did I mention how reasonable the prices are? You can buy a snazzy new outfit, with shoes, jewelery and handbag, and it will not break the bank! Say good-bye to the mall. Rush is a one stop shop.

21 December 2006

Blind Item

Which pregnant RN, who was recently spotted eating with six stunningly beautiful friends, admitted to wanting to turn her husbands sack into a coin purse? This recent revelation has caused those closest to her to ask themselves "What the Fuck?" A full psychiatric evaluation is underway.

Book 7!!!!!!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! How exciting! I have been waiting for some new Harry news and it is finally here. JK Rowling released the title of the 7th and FINAL book. It is her HOLIDAY gift to all of us Harry fans. 2007 will be fantastic! My favorite book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, will be released in theaters and book 7 will be released... well, everywhere! I cannot wait to find out how this will all end. Has Snape been working for the dark side all along? What will happen to Draco Malfoy now that he had a hand in killing Dumbledore? Yes, Dumbledore is DEAD! Who will die, Harry or Voldemort? Will Ron and Hermione get together? And most importantly, Will the lovely Luna be in this book? So many questions! I hope they all get answered.

19 December 2006

Who Cares?

Miss USA is a drunk. She was caught several times drinking in New York nightclubs. Oh yeah, she was not 21. Does anyone care about this? Who gives a shit that she is now going to rehab? I had no idea who she was and what she looked like until this week. She should be happy that this"scandal" happened. It is sad to say but she may become famous because of this. I can't believe I have spent this much time writing about her. I bet ten bucks she is on the cover of People magazine next week. I need a life!

11 December 2006

All I want for Christmas....

What do I want for Christmas? Everyone is asking me that. To be honest, I want nothing. Every year I make a list and hang it on my parent's fridge. It usually contains a few big items that I know I will not get (Chanel bag, Jimmy Choo shoes) and a few smaller items (gift certificates to book stores and restaurants.) Now, I still wouldn't mind getting any of these things, but it's okay if I didn't. This year I am more excited about seeing my godchildren enjoy Christmas. They are really starting to get into it. It is so much fun to see their little faces light up when they see all of the Christmas decorations. They each have a Christmas tree in their room. It's really cute. They also have a tree in their play room and a blowup Santa and Frosty in the backyard. When the wind blows, Santa and Frosty sway back and forth. The kids think they are dancing. This cracks them up! It has been so much fun to watch. I guess I am growing up. Christmas is not about presents anymore. It's about the time I am spending with family and the memories I am collecting that will last me a lifetime. There is no better present then that!

09 December 2006

I Did It!

This was a long time coming! I did it, Marlo! You see what happens when I am left alone for hours with nothing to do? Saturdays are a drag. J is off rebuilding New Orleans and I am stuck at home trying to fill my time. Of course I could be cleaning and doing clothes, but that's not fun. What I really need to be doing is shopping for Christmas presents. I still have numerous gifts to buy and I have no idea what to get. When I buy presents for people, I try really hard to find something they will love. I want the gift to be sort of a surprise. I want it to be perfect. This year perfection will have to be inexpensive. I can no longer buy anything I want no matter the cost. HELLO MARRIED LIFE! Whew! I never realized how things would change. I was told that things would be different but I didn't realize how so. I can no longer think about 'me'. It is always 'we'. It's a challenge, but I think things are going really well. I can't wait until we can move into a house. Apartment living is no fun. We would love to invite friends and family over for dinner but there is not enough room. We don't even have enough room to put up our table. J and I eat on TV trays. How crazy is that? I need more room! Hopefully I will find a great job that will pay me an insane amount of money and maybe we will be in our new home this time next year. I can only hope!