29 March 2008

What Now!?!

Oh, the twists and turns of life! Everything seems to be turning upside down. In two weeks time my life can change forever. I just don't know if it is for better or for worse. I want good news! I need good news! Please let this be a positive turning point in my life. I don't know if I can handle anything else.

22 March 2008

The Lone Star State = Lonely

It looks like I will be moving soon. By this time next month, I may be living in another state. It is something that I am not happy about, but must be done. J and I have tried everything possible to stay here. Nothing has worked. I will greatly miss Princess V and Prince J. They are the loves of my life. They are growing up so fast and I will hate to miss one second with them. Hopefully, things will improve and J and I can move back in a year or two. Until then, I will have to make the best of my situation.

03 March 2008


I need to reconnect. Find a common ground. I am no longer the person I once was. I have changed. What is important to me has changed. My focus has shifted.

I like the person I've become.

01 March 2008

From Boys to Men

I am old. I am much older than I feel or than I think I am. It's sad really, to one day realize that you are not that young adult you once were. You are now a fully grown adult woman. Sigh! Oh, yesteryear. How I've missed you!
This realization hit me like a ton of bricks one day at work this week. Little Miss K, who is a young college student, is a part time worker at my job. She is really cute, sweet and quiet. I very rarely hear her speak, much less see her become giddy with excitement. Well, that all changed on Thursday. Miss K was all a tither when she saw that a visiting college baseball team was staying at the hotel next to our building. I had the perfect view of their comings and goings, so I invited her to sit down and watch them through the office window. She was all smiles! As I was looking out through the window it hit me, I'm too old for this! Those were little boys out there! The way I viewed them changed. Something shifted. No longer was I the giddy girl fawning over college boys. Their appeal.... gone. However, something did peak my interest.
I turned to Miss K and said, "I'm sorry, but those boys are too young for me to look at, but their coach is kinda cute."