25 May 2008

J has left the building

J left for Dallas this morning. It was a very teary goodbye. He kept pushing back the departure time, but eventually he had to grab his stuff and go. He just called to tell me he made it there safely. Thank Goodness! I am not sure when we will see each other next. Hopefully he will be able to come down sometime before July. Until then, I'll take it one day at a time.

18 May 2008

9 days and counting

It looks like I will not be moving to Dallas for another six months. J wants to see how things will work out before moving me and all of our worldly goods there. I refused at first. I can't imagine living apart from him for that long. But what he said makes sense. What if he hates living there? What if the job sucks? What if the move turns out to be a huge mistake and we are stuck there? So, he said to give it six months and we can make the final move then. We will visit each other once a month or as often as our schedules allow. I know this will drive me nuts. I am freaking out! J will be leaving in NINE DAYS and I wont see him until Fourth of July weekend. After that? Who knows! I have a feeling that I will be moving there sooner than planned. It will be too hard to be away from him.

By the way, the support I have received from family and friends has been truly amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

16 May 2008

It is Official!

J got the job in Dallas. His first day is May 27th. He is extremely excited and I am trying my hardest to be happy for him. I told everyone in my family about the move and they are very sad. They don't want me to go. My sister said she does not want to tell the Prince and Princess yet. They will be so upset.
I am not sure when I will be able to move. There is so much to do in such a short amount of time. Hopefully J will be able to make it back a couple of times to help me pack and move. This is a task I don't want to take on alone.
Honestly, I thought I would be handling this much better then I am. When J first told me he took the job I was numb. Then it felt like a six ton elephant was sitting on my chest and I couldn't breathe. Then I became really angry.

Now, I'm just sad.

I don't know what else to say.

12 May 2008

News Flash!

Texas is back on the table. J is there now. Don't worry, I am fine.

03 May 2008

The Town Crier

I assure you I am fine. WE are just short of perfect. It was NEVER an issue. Private matters sometime become public. Even though I asked for discretion, I shouldn't have expected it. That is why EVERYONE is on a need to know bases. I appreciate the concern. I know it comes from a good place. I just hope the people I have tried to protect from unnecessarily worrying and stressing out about my life, do not get wind of any possible hardship.

FYI, Texas is off the table for now. Everything is working out.

01 May 2008

Blue Skies Are Gonna Clear Up, Put On A Happy Face!

Things are looking up! This has been a fantastic week! On Wednesday J and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. He surprised me with the complete series box set of The West Wing. I was super excited! I triple love that show and miss it greatly. Then on Wednesday I cut off all of my hair. It is really cute! It's a sassy little graduated bob. I have not worn it this short in 9 years. The days of the pony tail are gone. Oh how I will miss you!
Today I booked some activities for the family Disney trip. I know it is still 7 months away, but I am so excited! It will be super-duper fantastic. I can't wait!
But the most exciting news of the week is: my cousin C booked a trip for us to go to New York in November to see Eqqus on Broadway! We will also be going to the opening night of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It will be A-MA-ZING!!!!! We are trying to figure out what else we can do while we are there. Any thoughts? I am open to all suggestions.