30 August 2008

Hurricane Gustav and Beauty Queen VPs

I am sitting here praying that Hurricane Gustav will turn in another direction. Most of my family has evacuated to Arkansas, but I am staying near by. It would have been so hard to drive 12 hours with my two cats in the car. J is staying to take care of his saltwater fish. It is almost guaranteed that we will be without electricity for several days. I hope the generator he has as a back up will keep all of those fish alive. I will be at my parents house with Tabby, Sophie, and my Dad. He also has a generator, but he will use his to power the AC and refrigerator. Hopefully the house will not be unbearably hot for the day or so we will be without power (the generator cannot be turned on until the the worst of the storm is over.) I hate being hot! I can't sleep or get comfortable when it's hot. I have been through this before with other hurricanes and I am not looking forward to it. I will try to update more before Gustav hits. If not, I will write about it when it's all over with. Wish me luck!

On a side note, what is up with McCain's V.P. pick? This has to be a joke, right? I'm waiting for Ashton to tell us we are all being punked! Just because millions of women were excited about Hillary Clinton does not mean they will be excited about Palin. She is nothing like Hillary. Governor Palin is simply window dressing. Lets say McCain wins the election, then dies while in office, would you want Palin as your President? This is not an unreasonable question to ask. John McCain is 72 and in questionable health. How many cancer scares can he have before it's too late? This is all too much for me. Palin doesn't even know what the Vice President does! She said so in an interview. Okay, enough of this. I have to make sure my Obama/Biden sign is secure so that it wont fly away during the storm.

16 August 2008

What some people will do for a buck!

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged. First off, I missed almost a whole week of work because of an intestinal infection. That was soooo not fun! I was so nauseated that I couldn't move. Thank all that is holy that I am now better. I don't think I could have survived one more day.
Secondly, Tabby has been having a problem with fleas. Because she is in such poor health, she could only be treated with chemical free products. I tried everything I heard about: organic white vinegar, olive oil, original Dawn liquid soap. Nothing worked. In the mean time, Tabby was scratching so much that she had bald patches and open sores. Her behavior was changing and she was eating much less. I called her vet and he recommended a chemical product for Tabby and for the house to be fogged. I was stunned! Everything that I learned about cats with Renal failure claimed that chemicals of that nature would most likely kill them. I told this to the vet and he said that's a chance you take. Wow! What an uncaring asshole! Now, I should point out that after everything we went through with Tabby, I said I would NEVER go back there again. It was a very bad experience and the vet was never available to help or answer questions. Why I called him that day, I don't know. I guess I was desperate! So, as a result, I decided to contact another veterinarian. This vet came highly recommended by everyone I talked to. I was very nervous to bring Tabby in. The thought that this vet might suggest to euthanize her, caused me to fall into fits of tears. However, I sucked it up and made an appointment for that very same day. My husband came with me to insure I didn't fall apart or make any rash decisions. He was my much needed support.
I must say, the minute I walked into the clinic I knew I would love that place. It was calm and quiet, the people were warm and friendly, and everyone seemed genuinely happy to be there. Also, a huge, 3-legged cat roamed the halls. How could you not love it? The place was perfect!
We met the vet and the first thing he said was, "This cat doesn't look like a cat in renal failure."
Huh? What? I'm sorry. What did you say? He looked over Tabby's chart from the last vet and asked if he could do a complete blood panel and health check. He said he knew we spent an insane amount of money on her care already, but from what he read and what he saw, he wanted to run his own tests. He told us how much it would cost (half the price of the last vet) so that we wouldn't be surprised by the bill. We didn't ask him to do this, he just did!<3<3 It would take about an hour to get the results. Of course we agreed to do the tests! It took 2 weeks for those results to come in at the last vet! I had a Strong feeling things were gonna be different.
Well, I was right! Tabby is not in renal failure! She is not dying! She does have kidney problems, but not life threatening. Almost all of her levels are in the normal range and those that are not are only slightly raised. The last vet said her levels were "astronomically high" and would not come down. When the new vet heard that, he was puzzled. He was also shocked to hear that we were told that only a kidney transplant would save Tabby. Oh, and she doesn't need that $400 oral surgery. Her teeth are perfect. She is now eating a special dry food for cats with kidney problems. The last vet said she couldn't eat dry food because of her "bad teeth."
To make a very long story short, the last vet lied to us and scammed us out of a lot of money. As for the flea problem, Tabby is allergic to flea poop. That's why she was so miserable. She has been treated and is almost 100% better.
Do I want to kill the old vet? Hell yes! The amount of emotional stress he put me through, is unforgivable. Not to mention the amount of money we spent. They say karma is a bitch. Well, that asshole better watch out!

04 August 2008

I'm Here!

It has been about a month since my last post so I thought it was about time that I gave an update on what's been going on.
The news that we got about Tabby was not good. The vet said there is nothing more that could be done except for maybe a kidney transplant. She was so thin and weak that I thought she would not have long to live. Thank God that was not the case! Tabby is doing sooooo much better! She is eating like crazy and is alert and active. I know there will come a time in the near future where things will not be so great, but as for now, things are really wonderful!
Well, it looks like J got a new job! He was offered a position today and now he is in negotiations for all of the specifics. If things work out, and I think they will, we will be moving to a town about an hour or so away from where we live now. Hopefully I can transfer to location close to where we will be living. If not, it will be my turn to look for a new job. Cross your fingers that I will not have to do that! Looking for a new job is no fun at all!
Not much else has been going on. Been keeping up with Big Brother. It is not such a good cast this season. I fell in love with Mad Men! If you have not seen it, you are missing out. It is so good! I started watching season one of the West Wing again. Aaron Sorkin is a genius! He needs to write another television drama.
Lets see.......what else is going on................? Well, I guess that's it! I will update soon. Promise!