26 March 2010

It's a Party!!

Tomorrow the Prince and Princess will be celebrating their 5th birthday. 5th!!! It's a movie party. We are all going to the movie theater in Houma to see "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3D. All of their friends, from school and out, will be there. That little party room will be overflowing with 5 year olds. I hope the theater is prepared. It should be a blast!

24 March 2010

Books, Books, and More Books

I love to read. It's not often that I'm not reading something. Once upon a time, my bookshelves contained nothing but biographies and autobiographies. Books of history and political thrillers. I thought nothing could be as good as Jane Austen. But over the last couple of years, my bookshelves have been overflowing with something else entirely. Fantasy, Science Fiction,and YA have taken over my life. I've never, in a million years, thought I would be reading such books. I guess JK Rowling and a boy named Harry is to blame. Ever since I read the Harry Potter books, I have opened myself up to a whole new world. A world that has werewolves and vampires, fairies and dragons. And of course, witches and wizards. I love finding new books to dive in to. I just finished reading The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. The third book in the trilogy comes out in the Fall and I can't wait to see how it ends. Another great trilogy is by Maggie Stiefvater. The first book, Shiver, is beyond fabulous. Linger comes out in 3 months and then lastly, Forever. Shiver is being made into a movie. Yay!!! Just like everyone knows the name Stephanie Meyer, they will know the name Maggie Stiefvater. Trust me.

23 March 2010


Every day I wake up to the sounds of Mike and Mike in the Morning coming from my television. My husband loves that program and will even wake up earlier than necessary just to watch it. I have to admit that it's not so bad. Most of the time they have me laughing at their silliness or really thinking about a certain subject matter. Well today they were talking about Tiger Woods and it made me stop and listen. I have very strong opinions about the whole Tiger situation. Do I think he is an asshole for cheating on his wife? Yes. Do I think he is a sex addict? No. I think he has power issues and he is an egomaniac. He is the Great Tiger Woods and the rules don't apply to him. Whatever! Do I think he owes the public any personal information about what happens between he and his wife? Hell no! That's not my business. Let's leave his wife out of this. She never asked for this attention and I'm sure it makes her skin crawl every time these types of questions are asked. What I want to know is, Why are all these legitimate news sources giving the women that he had affairs with one second of air time? Why are these women being shopped around as victims of Tiger's "addiction"? Why all the interviews? Why all the attention? These types of women crave the spotlight and don't care what they do to get it. Why are we giving them the platform to tell their story? Seriously! Tiger is just a professional athlete! He is not Jesus Christ. Let his wife worry about what hole he's sticking his dick into. Let him get back to what he does best. GOLF!! I hope Tiger comes back with avenges. I want him to win and win big. If his marriage fails, then that's what he gets for being a complete douche. Karma is a bitch. But when it comes to golf, let him do his thing.

22 March 2010

Play Ball!!!

I've decided that I will start writing my blog at work. Why? Because they have blocked out all of my favorite sites and I'm rebelling. :0)

So, this weekend I went to Vampire Baseball in NOLA with my two cousins. It was so much fun! At first we were a little upset because there was only one "vampire" scheduled to play, but the wolf pack more than made up for the lack of Cullens.

Chaske Spencer, who plays alpha wolf Sam, was very sweet with the fans. He made sure to spend as much time as he could with everyone. He freely signed autographs (I have one!) and posed for pictures before, during, and after the game. I have a fantastic photo of him. I think we may have imprinted.

Alex Meraz, who plays hot tempered wolf Paul, is beyond yummy in person. He was a constant prankster. He really had a good time dancing and goofing around on the field. Alex also spent a lot of time with the fans. Everyone loved him. He very well may be husband #2.

Tyson Housman, who plays the wolf Quil, is so little. He looks like he's 12 years old. Tyson was kind of shy and didn't interact with the fans much, but he looked like he was having the time of his life.

Daniel Cudmore, who plays the Volturi vampire Felix, is very tall. He's 6'8"! He is also very good looking. He spent a lot of one-on-one time with the fans. Daniel made sure to say a few words to everyone who wanted autographs and pictures. I think that's sweet.

For all the True Blood fans out there, Nelsan Ellis was part of the game. Nelsan plays flamboyant fry chef Lafayette Reynolds. Poor Nelsan looked like he was nursing a pretty bad hangover. We heard that he and some of the guys partied it up the night before. He could barely run the bases, but he did give us a pretty fierce pose when we asked for a picture.

But I think the biggest fan favorite by far was New Orleans Saints kicker, Garrett Hartley. Garrett is adorable! You can tell he loved all of the attention because he was smiling from ear to ear the entire day. My cousin, Courtney, and I got a chance to talk with him for a bit while he signed a couple of footballs for us. He was extremely sweet and gracious. I hope Garrett stays in New Orleans for a while. It will be fun to see how he grows as a kicker.