24 February 2007

E-mail #2!

Everyone supports the troops. EVERYONE! Even the people that do not support the war. Oh, and by the way, I'm one of those people. It is time to come up with an exit strategy to get these AMAZING men and women back home. It is a battle we can't win. This war has turned into a civil war. It is up to the men of that country to regain control of it. We have done our part. Now, let's hope we do not invade Iran. It looks like we are headed in that direction. That would be horrible! I am still waiting for us to finish the first war in Afghanistan. I know it is "over", but we still have not caught the person who IS responsible for 9-11. Oh where, oh where is Osama bin Laden? I don't even hear his name mentioned anymore. Maybe we need to bring the focus back to him. THAT is a fight worth fighting!

22 February 2007


Britney is back in rehab! Rumor has it that Kevin threatened to take her to court to get full custody of their kids. The emergency hearing was canceled because she agreed to go back to rehab and stay the full amount of time for treatment. I also read that the children have been with Kevin since last week. How crazy is it that he would be the parent that turned out to be the most fit? I hope there is a therapy fund being set up for those kids. They will need it!
Okay, on to American Idol- girls night. I was not really impressed by the girls. It is all the same. Yes, LaKeisha Jones hit it out of the park. But..... will she....does she....is she an "American Idol"? Does she have "IT"? I don't know. Maybe it's too early to decide. However, I still have my Blake. He is my favorite. Tonight we will find out if he makes it. My fingers are crossed!

21 February 2007

Not again?

If I just would have waited a couple of more hours I wouldn't be updating on the whole Britney saga. She left rehab again! WTF? There are pictures of her, after she bought a new puppy, all happy and smiling. She looks crazy! It is being reported that she tried killing herself TWICE this weekend. First, by running into on coming traffic. Second, by taking way too many Xanax. The later attempt sent her to the hospital. I read reports that she went to the hospital on Friday night, but no one knew why. Now it is all coming out. This is beyond a cry for help. I hope something can be done. SOON!

This and That

Where should I begin? Okay, I have been contacted by a lot of readers asking why I have not commented on Britney Spears yet. I wanted to hold off because I KNEW something more was going to happen then a shaved head. Of course I was right! Tuesday Britney entered rehab again. Thank God! Let's just hope she stays there for as long as she needs to. It is clear to me that she is struggling to find happiness within herself and within her surroundings. I am not a doctor and I don't know her personally. I am just commenting on what I see and hear on TV and the Internet. What if she has postpartum depression? She has had two pregnancies back to back. That is enough to cause any one's hormones to go out of whack! I just think it is more then a drug or alcohol problem. I know it is now being said, by close friends no less, that she does ecstasy and cocaine. Maybe she does that to deal with the real problems in her life. I just hope she gets to the source of it in rehab. I am really rooting for her to make a huge comeback as a mother and as an entertainer.

Now on to American Idol. I have a favorite out of the boys. Blake Lewis! He was performer number seven. Loved him! I am going on record that he is my pick. I didn't vote last night because I was too lazy to get off the sofa and pick up the phone.But I hope someone voted for him. I want him around. Now it is on to the girls tonight. Let's see if any of them can wow me. If not, I still have my little Blakey Poo!

16 February 2007

Enough Already!

Anna Nicole Smith is dead. This is sad and tragic. But why is it still headline news? She was not a huge star. She did not contribute much to society. Her death will not change life as we know it. Still, it is headline news more then a week after her death. Is there not anything else more important going on in the world? I know the war is not glamorous, but don't you think that it should be the top story of the day? More troops are being sent to Iraq. We are VERY close to invading Iran. bin Laden has still not been caught! The Gulf Coast is still in shambles. Should I go on? Maybe Larry King needs a little reminding. There is no reason why he should devote a whole week to interviewing Anna Nicole's friends. CNN is much better then tabloid journalism. We need a reality check.

12 February 2007

Gift ideas anyone?

What in the world do I buy for a little boy turning two? Prince J has everything a little boy could want. I have been searching and searching the Internet for ideas. I have found nothing! For some reason I find it harder to shop for little boys than little girls. Girls are easy! I have several ideas for Princess V. Her birthday is five weeks after her brothers. Shopping for her will be fun. Shopping for him is not. I second guess everything I see. I also don't want to get him something that his parents wont let him have. Many gifts, not mine of course, have ended up locked in the closet. Gifts that I thought were pretty cool. I'm sure that Prince J and his sister wouldn't have choked on the pieces. They are smarter then that. Right?
Anyway, I'm stressing! I have less then 17 days to figure this out. I will accept any and all suggestions. Get to work people!

01 February 2007

All because of an e-mail!

Okay, I very rarely talk to my friends about politics or religion. I pretty much know that their views and beliefs differ greatly from mine. Politics and religion are pretty common topics at home. J and I like to be kept well informed on world events and domestic issues. We pretty much have the same ideology and agree on most things. I love politics. It is what pushed me to get a degree in government. Now, it is no secret that I am a liberal Democrat. And yes I believe there should be separation of church and state. I do not think there should be organized prayer in school. I do not think there should be a display of the Ten Commandments in front of court houses. I do not think that one religion is right or better then the other. I believe most religions have extremists that are capable of horrible things. Those few should not define the rest. I was raised Catholic. I was also raised to fear everything. I was told so many times that I was going to hell and that I was committing a mortal sin. Fear. It was used to control. Now that I am an adult, I see things differently. Love, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness is much more effective than fear. Be the person who teaches and accepts, not the person who judges and ridicules. Prayer in school will not stop school shootings. Prayer in the HOME may. Communication between parents and children is key. Pay attention to what goes on in the lives of friends and family members. Be present in the day! It's funny how some people fear Harry Potter- a children's book. They call it evil. If they would take the time to read and understand then they would know that the books teach about love, acceptance, friendship, respect, equality, and all around goodness. I have always said to be aware of the person who wears their religion on their sleeve. They are the ones to be worried about. They are the gossips, the gamblers, the drinkers, the sex addicts. If you lead by example, then you don't have to speak a word. Remember, religion is not a weapon. It is a personal relationship between you and your God.

The Interview

Well, I ended up buying a new outfit for the interview. J thought the little black dress was not appropriate. So, I went to Ann Taylor and bought a fabulous brown top and a snazzy pair of camel pants. I bought gold jewelry to finish off the look. The outfit rocked! Anyway, I went on the interview and it lasted a whole 14 minutes! The job that I was interviewing for was not the position I applied for. I thought it was for a make-up artist position, but it was not. Anyway, I guess I am still looking. At least I have the perfect outfit for next time.